We recommend using a non-burning, slow-release, non-pH affecting fertilizer for the plants that we offer. We have used Scott's Osmocote® formulations for over 40 years not only in all of the plants that we grow in our nursery but it is what we use in our own gardens. For flowering and fruiting plants we recommend the 3-4 month 14-14-14 formulation Osmocote® Smart-Release® Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor. For evergreens we typically recommend the 8-9 month 18-6-12. Slow release fertilizers are a little more expensive than common garden fertilizers, like 8-8-8 and 13-13-13 which need to be reapplied every few weeks to once per month, but each time you water or each time it rains your plants are getting fed. If you have purchased plants from us then you may have seen what appears to be about 1/8" diameter dark yellow to clear BB-like spheres in or on the soil that comes with our plants and this is Osmocote®. Another important advantage is that unlike common garden fertilizers from a feed store Scott's Osmocote® does not alter your soil's pH. Whereas a 50 lb. bag of 8-8-8 contains 12 lbs. of N,P, and K and so the other 38 lbs. is often lime in areas with acidic soils, at least.