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Plant Growing Guides

Allspice and Bayrum Growing Guide

Angel's Trumpet Growing Guide

(a.k.a. How to Grow Brugmansia and Datura)

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 Azalea Growing Guide

Learn how to plant, grow, prune, water, and fertilize evergreen and deciduous Azaleas

Cactus & Succulents Growing Guide

Learn about potting soil selection, planting, and how to properly water these easy to grow and forgiving plants

Camellia and Sasanqua List

- Flower and Plant Sizes, Colors, Forms, Flowering Seasons and more

Camellia and Sasanqua Growing Guide

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Clematis Growing Guide

Coffee Tree Growing Guide

 Container Plant Growing Guide -

Includes Uppotting, Repotting, Potting Soil Selection,

Proper Watering Techniques for Containers,

What Does Brown or Yellow Foliage and Green Soil Indicate, and More

Coral Honeysuckle Growing Guide

Learn how to grow this easy to grow, exceptionally free flowering, hummingbird vine

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 Gardenia Growing Guide

A.k.a. Cape Jessamine or Cape Jasmine. Learn how to grow these outstanding and wonderfully fragrant evergreen shrubs

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Growing on the Edge - Getting Young Hardy Plants and Tropical Plants Through Winter and Learning about Die-Back Perennials Growing Guide

Learn how to get young hardy plants through their first winters, how to get tropical plants through winter, about growing tropical plants as die-back perennials, and a deeper look into understanding the USDA Cold Hardiness zones for plants.

 Hardy or Perennial Hibiscus, Including the Confederate Rose Mallow, Growing Guide

Learn how to grow these easy and long-lived, long-flowering perennials with huge flowers that can reach 12" across!

Mulching - Why and How to Properly Apply It, Why Roots Need Air for Respiration, and Learning about Lenticels Growing Guide

Learn how to properly apply organic mulches, why you should mulch, why roots require air for respiration, and how stems and roots breathe through lenticels.

 Night Blooming Cereus, Epiphyllum, and Orchid Cactus Growing Guide

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 Once-Mown Meadow and Prairie for Pollinators Planting Guide

Including site selection, plant species selection, soil preparation, planting, and maintenance

 Planting a New Plant In the Garden and Landscape Growing Guide

This is an in-depth detailed How-To and includes proper planting techniques for both average drainage and poorly draining or clay soils

 Plumeria Growing Guide

Learn how to grow this wonderfully fragrant and easy to grow tropical that is used to make the Hawaiian leis

 Pride of Barbados Growing Guide

Learn how to plant, fertilize, and prune the Pride of Barbados or Dwarf Poinciana

Sambac Jasmine (a.k.a. Arabian Jasmine or Pikake) Growing Guide

Learn how to plant, prune, fertilize and successfully grow this true Jasmine

The Good Bugs & Other Beneficial Organisms

 Dekay's Brown Snake

Did you know this small harmless snake is a voracious predator of slugs, snails, and small bugs?

 Hummingbird Plant List

Did you know that Salvias are #1 with Hummingbirds?

 Milkweed: Much More than Just a Monarch Host

Asclepias or Milkweeds attract aphids which in turn attract a wide variety of other predatory species like: Green Lacewing larva, Ladybug larva, Syrphid Fly larva, and Braconid wasps. Also, learn the difference between Assassin Bugs and the look alike Milkweed Bug

 Rosy Wolf Snail - A Welcome Garden Inhabitant of the Southeastern US

Did you know that this is a predatory native snail? It can travel 4 times faster than the typical garden snail and can devour small snails whole!

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